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Created on 2012-03-03 04:03:29 (#1526847), last updated 2013-06-02 (228 weeks ago)

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Name:The IC Hate Meme

1) This is an IN-CHARACTER HATE MEME. Only bitching and hate and pettiness by fictional characters is allowed, do NOT post as yourself.
2) All drama must be IC. Any sign of mun-drama will be swiftly nipped in the bud and the threads frozen.
3) IC does not mean "perfect canon portrayal", it just means as the character. The characters can be their canon selves or AU selves or RP selves or whatever.
4) All comments must be anon. IP logging is on.
5) All posts have a 3,000 comment limit. Once that limit is reached or close to it, a new post will go up and be linked to in the last comment of the previous post.

That said, have fun! Go nuts!
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